Are these fonts installed?

This JavaScript function checks your installed system fonts against about 450 of the most common installed fonts on Windows, Macintosh and Linux systems according to the combined results of's font survey. The sorting order is based on the frequency of installed fonts on systems visiting the web. Please participate in the font survey to improve the results.

0 fonts of the tested 450 fonts could be used on web pages made for you. Please don't get overanxious about it if you are a web designer, only font stacks build from about the top 40 fonts can be assumed to be more or less "web safe", the rest is just the icing on the cake.

Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9 under Windows show a very ugly behavior, they replace non installed fonts by similar fonts. If you have not installed i.e. Helvetica but Comic Sans MS, as is in the most Windows operating systems, the CSS declaration #elem {font-family: Helvetica,"Comic Sans MS";} will default to Arial as replaccement for Helvetica instead of correctly applying the next font in the list. Because of this you can get some false positives with Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9.

To circumvent this, I combined the document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(elem, null).getPropertyValue("font-family") method with a dimenson detection of a teststring to catch the replacements. That doesn't work with 100% accuracy but comes nearer to the reality. Opera 11 doesn't need that, because Opera 11 returns the correct values.

Show uninstalled fonts too.


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You can do with it what you want except removing the license and or or include it in a library like jQuery, YUI, Prototype and similar JavaScript libraries.

Works correctly in Opera 11.

Works with quirks in Mozilla Firefox 4 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.

Doesn't work in Microsoft Internet Explorer < 9. If you are on XP: Get a decent browser! - if possible. It is safer. | | Supernature Forum